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  • Do you like travelling around the world? Or maybe you like discovering new places about which you did not know before? Then this game is for you. The game contains high quality images of over 250 tourist destinations and attractions from around the world, including capitals, cathedrals, castles, caves, natural wonders and many more. You will be travelling across the board and trying to guess where the places are located. Reach the finish to complete the journey.
  • The game is so flexible because it can be played in four modes to make sure you enjoy endless fun. To add even more, you can also play the game with teams, which will make the adventure even more unforgettable. Want to play the game alone or with one team? No problem as well.
  • Who is the ultimate traveler? It’s time to find out!
  • The game includes Gameboard, 4 Tokens, 255 Location Cards, 328 Country Cards, 20 Alphabet Cards, 4 View Block Cards, and Game Guide.
  • How to play (video guide): in English, in Armenian

$ 18.87

Additional Information

Product description
The Where Is It is about testing your knowledge of tourist destinations and attractions around the world. The game comes with over 250 Location Cards, so you can enjoy the game over and over again. And the Location Cards are grouped into 4 packs based on difficulty level. You have a room for 7 incorrect answers. And if more than 7, then you are out of the game. The first player/team to reach the finish or to remain in the game after all other players/teams are out wins the game.
You can play the Where Is It in 4 modes, which adds more flavor to the game.

Product specs
Game Language: English
Dimensions (LxWxH): 34.7 x 4.3 x 27.8 cm
Weight: 1.36 kg
Domestic Shipping: Yes
International Shipping: Yes
Model Number: K01002
Age Group: 14 years and up
For 1-4 players/teams
Release Date: 26 Dec 2020
In Production: Yes
Manufacturer: Kingland LLC
Country of Origin: Republic of Armenia

3 reviews for WHERE IS IT?

  1. Tatev (verified owner)

    Enjoyed playing it very much!
    Super game, best quality, educational and interesting.
    Love it so much❤❤❤

  2. Aram (verified owner)

    Spent all the party time with friends playing this wonderful game with teams. So much fun and excitement all over. And we discovered so many new wonderful places. Highly recommended!!!

  3. Tigran (verified owner)

    Շատ հետաքրքիր զարգացնող խաղ։ Բացահայտեցինք շատ նորանոր տեսարժան վայրեր։

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