Our Story

It all started during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 which shut down real-world activities and kept billions of people indoors. Therefore, people were cut off from the outside world and left with limited entertainment. This is when the idea of developing board games came to our mind to ensure that families have endless fun playing our board games and thus leaving boredom aside, because board games:
>> give an opportunity to have a tech-free, face to face time with each other, bring people closer, strengthen social ties;
>> help to boost memory, learning and decision-making skills, as well as strategic thinking;
>> assume cooperation and help players to develop teamwork skills;
>> decrease stress and make people happier.

The above-mentioned factors became a prerequisite for founding Kingland LLC in 2020 in Armenia to focus on production of best board games for you and strong relationship along the way.

New and creative ideas, high-quality products and unsurpassed customer service are the cornerstone of our activities, therefore it is our priority to keep them at top level.

Our Mission

To ensure unforgettable board game experience for our customers.

Our Vision

To become one of the most famous board game producers in the world.

Our Values